Sending Goods to Singapore

Send your goods to Singapore quickly, safely, and affordably with Viet An Express

Are you in need of sending goods to Singapore? Are you looking for a reliable, affordable international shipping service with fast delivery times? Come to Viet An Express – the leading provider of international express delivery services in Vietnam with over 14 years of experience!

With over 10 years of experience in logistics, Viet An Express confidently brings you the best service for sending goods to Singapore:

  • Competitive rates: Starting from 45k/kg, free packaging, door-to-door delivery.
  • Fast delivery time: Delivery within 2-4 days.
  • Professional service: Enthusiastic consulting team, quick customs clearance support.
  • Online tracking system: Track the journey of your goods anytime, anywhere.
  • 100% value insurance for goods: Ensure the safety of your goods. Clear policies for complaint support and compensation for goods.

Contact us now for price consultation and shipping policies.

Contact VIET AN EXPRESS for the best consulting support

  • 0909 805 845
  • Message me on Zalo
  • Headquarters: 14 Sam Son, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hanoi Office: 648 Lac Long Quan, Nhat Tan Ward, Tay Ho District

The Viet An team is always ready to serve our customers. We collect information about goods, addresses, weights, and offer the best service and optimal time for our customers.

Common ways to send goods to Singapore?

There are 2 simple ways to send goods from Vietnam to Singapore that you can do:

Use the postal service of Vietnam Post

This is the most common way to send goods to Singapore, suitable for orders with small, medium weights and sizes. To send goods, you need to bring them to the nearest post office, pack them according to the postal regulations, and submit the shipping documents.

When sending goods via post, you should pay attention to the regulations on goods, packaging, and fees. You should also proactively inquire about how to check the shipment, compensation to avoid troubles after sending goods.

Sending goods quickly to Singapore through international shipping companies like Viet An Express

Express delivery companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, Viet An… provide fast and safe shipping services to Singapore. You can send goods to the agents of these companies like us to receive assistance in packaging goods, customs documents…

Come to Viet An Express. We provide shipping services to Singapore with same-day or next-day delivery, super good prices for all customers.

Simple process of sending goods to Singapore:

  • Step 1: Contact Viet An Express for consultation and service quotation.
  • Step 2: Prepare the goods, information, we will pick up the goods at your place and provide packaging assistance according to regulations.
  • Step 3: Sign the contract and pay the fee.
  • Step 4: Viet An Express transports goods to Singapore.
  • Step 5: Deliver goods to the recipient’s door in Singapore.

Shipping rates to Singapore at Viet An Express:

Newly updated shipping rates to Singapore in March 2024

Weight (Kg)Discounted Price (VND/Kg)
21 – 5063,000
51- 9960,000
100- 29947,000
300 -50045,000
Discounted prices do not include VAT

Refer to the article on the service price list for sending goods to Singapore here.

How much is the shipping fee to Singapore? The shipping fee to Singapore depends on the weight, type of goods, sender’s and recipient’s addresses. Usually, the shipping fee for 1 kg of goods to Singapore ranges from 200,000 to 350,000 VND. When sending with a weight of 300kg, the fee can be as low as 45,000 VND.


  1. The above rates apply to goods exported from HCMC to Singapore within 1-3 days. Usually, goods are delivered within 2 days.
  2. Rates apply to regular items, clothing, household items.
  3. Rates are subject to change depending on the actual shipping time and Viet An may update them as needed.
  4. Additional charges may apply for food, cosmetics.
  5. Rates are regularly updated.

For large quantities, wholesale customers, agents, please contact Viet An directly for free pickup support, free packaging, much cheaper shipping rates for large quantities to Singapore.

Common items sent to Singapore

  • Send parcels, documents, certificates.
  • Send documents, diplomas, certificates, contracts… to Singapore.
  • Clothing, bags, fashion accessories.
  • Send various types of clothing, fabrics, bags, scarves, fashion accessories, shipped to Singapore.
  • usually for business customers, sending a few hundred kilograms per shipment
  • Send various types of cosmetics, beauty tools to Singapore.
  • Send food, cakes, instant noodles, noodles, mushrooms of all kinds that can be dried.
  • Send wood products, wooden statues, machinery, equipment, samples, handicrafts.

Images of some types of goods often sent to Singapore

Shipping time to Singapore, Super-fast shipping to Singapore by Viet An Express:

The usual shipping time to Singapore is only from 24 hours to 2 days. If your goods have not been successfully delivered within the above time frame, our software system will proactively alert Viet An Express staff to monitor and check the reasons why the goods have not been delivered, then update notifications to customers.

Fast, cheap rates, and good service so Viet An’s cargo volume is high, always with increased flight capacity, so customers can rest assured when using our services.

Viet An Express sends goods to Singapore the fastest within 1 business day!

Why choose Viet An Express for sending goods to Singapore?

Viet An Express is the leading provider of goods shipping to Singapore in Vietnam with over 14 years of experience in international shipping and specializing in the Singapore route. We ship directly to Singapore without going through agents with many advantages:

Competitive rates, saving 20-30%.

At Viet An Express, we provide the most competitive rates for sending goods to Singapore.

Absolute Goods Security

With us, the safety and security of goods are top priorities. We apply strict security measures during the shipping process to ensure maximum protection of your information and goods.

Free Customs Declaration and Packaging

We provide professional packaging services and free customs declaration assistance, making the shipping process easier and more convenient than ever.

Delivery to the Right Address, On Time

We commit to delivering to the correct address and on time as agreed upon, ensuring that the goods reach the recipient quickly and accurately.

Home Delivery, Fast and Convenient

Viet An Express’s home delivery service helps customers save time and effort. We guarantee that the package is received right at the doorstep with a signature upon delivery.

Assistance in Re-Delivery When Recipient Is Absent

In cases where the recipient is not present at the delivery address, Viet An Express will assist in arranging redelivery at a mutually agreed time, ensuring successful delivery of the goods.

For affordable shipping to Singapore, visit Viet An Express at: 14 Sam Son, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City 0909.805845 or 648 Lac Long Quan, Nhat Tan, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

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Importing Goods from Singapore to Vietnam

Currently, Viet An is expanding its import service, transporting goods from Singapore to Vietnam (Hanoi). Customers who need to import goods from Singapore to Vietnam can refer to our services, request a quotation, and seek advice on imports through Viet An Express’s business consulting channels, including phone calls, Zalo, etc. If you’re looking to send goods to Singapore from Hanoi, don’t overlook this article.

Complaint Resolution Policy, Compensation for Goods at Viet An Express

At Viet An Express, we are committed to providing detailed and accurate information about cases where goods are compensated and where they are not. To understand this policy clearly, customers should directly contact our staff.

Viet An Express

Cases Eligible for Compensation Resolution:

  • If the goods are damaged or broken during transportation, customers need to refuse to accept the delivery, record a video or take pictures immediately, and inform Viet An Express staff promptly. We will process and provide timely assistance, with compensation of up to 100% of the value of the goods if they are insured and the damage is caused by the carrier.
  • Goods must be accurately and clearly declared by the customer when sending. In this case, we will compensate 100% based on the declared information.
  • Goods must not belong to the category of prohibited items according to current legal regulations.

Cases of Exemption from Liability for Compensation:

  • Goods damaged before or after the shipment process.
  • Customers who sign for the goods and then file a complaint will not be compensated.
  • Old, used, or naturally damaged goods.
  • Goods with inaccurate declared information, violating state regulations, or seized by partners or authorities.
  • Goods damaged or lost due to natural disasters, fire, explosion, accidents, and unforeseeable incidents.

With this policy, Viet An Express commits to providing peace of mind, ensuring maximum benefits for customers during the international shipping process.

Contact Viet An Express now for free consultation and quick price quotes!

Hotline: 0909 805845

Viet An Express – Send your goods to Singapore fast, safely, and affordably!

Some questions about sending goods to Singapore:

How long does it take to send goods to Singapore?

The shipping time from HCM to Singapore is only from 24 hours to 3 days for successful delivery. Very fast! You can send fruits, vegetables, fresh produce, and frozen food.

Does Viet An support home pickup?

Dear customers, the company supports home pickup in some central areas of Ho Chi Minh City. We also support pickup at bus stations and receiving at the office through postal service for customers in provinces who need to send goods to Singapore.

Where can I track the shipment?

After sending the goods, you can track them on the website by entering the bill number to check the detailed itinerary. Please scan and follow our Zalo OA Viet An Express below to receive information about the shipment after sending!

What documents are required when sending goods to Singapore with Viet An Express?

Commercial invoice. Customs declaration form.

Export license (if available).

Certificate of origin (if available).

Can I request insurance for my goods?

Yes, you can request insurance for your goods. Viet An Express provides cargo insurance services at competitive rates.

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